Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

The bees really enjoy the azalea blossoms!

Way behind with my craft posts - back soon!

Our renters disappeared into the night a few weeks ago, leaving behind a colossal mess.  Clearing out, giving things away, hauling, cleaning, and fixing have kept me so busy - and worn out. The new renter wants to move in April 1, so have to push to finish everything within the next few days.  Then I can return to learning how to blog!


  1. Oh what dirt bags! Good luck with getting everything done. And congrats on finding another renter so soon. Take a break now and then. I'll be thinking of you♥

  2. Hi Jane! Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving your nice comment! I was so excited this morning when I checked and found comments!! LOL Come back again anytime!!! And goodluck on getting all your chores done...sounds like you have a mess to clean-up! Not fun!!! Looking forward to seeing your next crafting projects!!!
    ~Stacey @Lollygag-Inn~

  3. Hi Jane! I got my postcard and love it! Love the quote of my favorites!!
    Thank you so much! i hope you like the one i sent to you too!

  4. JANe -- received your lovely postcard -- and girl you are getting it on with your blog --so sorry not keeping up with much these days --but having fun with babies --we all know that time is so short --so gotta snag those baby kisses while you can -- MAny hugs -- I am behind will mail MONDAy -- yikes I am a bad swapper lately , always a day or two behind -- HUGZ KATHY ! -ga ♥