Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Blogger's not letting me post any photos today, 

so I'll have to figure out what's wrong. 

Boo Hoo! Had a cute photo too.

Back soon, I hope!

p.s. I posted some of today's photos on my other blog:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming...
but I'm still loving Fall!

Cold one day..... warm the next ... a few colorful leaves .... blue skies .... almost the end of Hurricane Season .... hard to believe Thanksgiving's next week! 

The Dogwood tree actually has yellow and red leaves,
but they don't show up so well in this photo.

Love my Turkey Gourds, especially their facial expressions!

Recently received some lovely tags from Dawn Blackstead's 
FALL Tag Swap! 

Thanks so much, Ladies! I just love all the tags - see another detail every time I look at them!  And thank you, Dawn, for hosting this swap!  Really enjoyed it! You were a wonderful hostess!

Dawn really spoiled us - with her darling tags 
and a bag full of "goodies"!

Dawn let us choose: Fall or Halloween - so we have some of each!

My tag

Laurie M. Jackson

Lisa Stanton

Nora Neeley

 Deidre Kidder

Robin Weins 

I think the little extra packet might belong with Tamatha's tag, but I have it in both photos so not sure :(    --- The sweets were delicious, though, and much-appreciated!

Garna Barker

Tami Hacker

Tamatha Kaplan
I think this packet of sweets belong's with Tamatha's tag, but I'm sorry to say I'm not sure since I have it in Tamatha's and Robin's photos. Such a lovely gesture too!

We're enjoying a little patch of Sunflowers that sprouted from birdseed displaced during one of the tropical storms. Small, but bright and cheerful! 
Happy Fall!