Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thank you,  Red Lead, for this Thanksgiving graphic!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Projects Galore!

Our Little Turkey Factory

Turkeys, you say?  They look more like peanuts!

Peanuts with legs - green legs, at that!

At least they have "googly" eyes!

250 paper plate turkeys for one school's kindergarten and first graders to complete as a follow-up to the Thanksgiving stories in the school library/media center! 

VERY rough sample! Partly finished turkey - wattle, but no beak yet - and without the 'googly' eyes.

Note this one has orange legs. With over 700 students coming to the library/media center each week, and no budget, any crafty little projects must be simple, quick, and very low-cost. (Of course it's mostly the kindergarteners and first graders who get to do things like this.) When I went to buy the 250 chenille sticks needed, there was a limited selection in the 'giant, economy size' packages - green, white, or assorted. I knew better than to get 'assorted' because everyone would want a different color than the one they received and they don't have that much time.

Of course, the stories, library skills, and book selection/check-out are the main events of a library/media class.  This was a "just-for-fun" project for K & 1 to work on the last few minutes while taking turns selecting  books to check out.

After all that gluing and realizing Mr. A-J had punched 1000 punches for the legs & hangers, we wondered if perhaps we were the real turkeys! The children all loved their turkeys, though,  and were so happy to have something to take home as a gift for Mom or Grandma.  Seeing how much they enjoyed coloring in the tail feathers made it all worthwhile.  Wish I could've taken photos of some of the children at work!

Might do something similar with gingerbread men during December, but I need to get busy with a few swaps too! Not to mention housecleaning and all that :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November? Already?

Falling for Fall

Thanks to The Graphic Fairy for this beautiful pumpkin label!

What happened to October?  Seems it went by in a blur: five family birthdays plus a few friends', swaps, special times with all 3 grandsons, visitors, skin cancer surgery, cough & cold (yuck!), meetings, volunteer work, and Halloween too!

What's in the box?

My "Falling for Fall" tags!  Thanks, Jonnelle, for hosting this tag swap! Can't wait to see  the others!

Now on to a few other swaps - in progress!