Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where Has Summer Gone?

September Already?!

 Gone Fishing!
The photo I meant to leave just before we left town - oops!

Hard to believe it's already the middle of September! We went out to Montana for a while, but I'm not sure where the rest of these past few weeks have gone!

Lake MacDonald - Glacier National Park

Visiting deer on shore of Lake Five at our friend's cabin


Can't visit Montana in the late summer without enjoying the huckleberries! Huckleberry Pie - Yum!  Huckleberry Jam - Yum!  And here's something new - Huckleberry Italian Cream Soda!


  1. Great pictures Jane...that huckleberry cream soda sure looks good...yummy..))smiles))

  2. I didn't even know that huckleberrys were real. I thought it was a joke name. Like Huckleberry Hound, remember him?

  3. I read that and said, September--- its October. Geeze lol..... where is my brain? Your photos are postcard perfect ;-)

  4. So enjoyed seeing your pnotos! Yummy looking cream soda!

  5. I love the North West. I've never been in Montana per say but passed through it. I bet it's so nice this time of year away from the heat.