Sunday, November 20, 2011

Projects Galore!

Our Little Turkey Factory

Turkeys, you say?  They look more like peanuts!

Peanuts with legs - green legs, at that!

At least they have "googly" eyes!

250 paper plate turkeys for one school's kindergarten and first graders to complete as a follow-up to the Thanksgiving stories in the school library/media center! 

VERY rough sample! Partly finished turkey - wattle, but no beak yet - and without the 'googly' eyes.

Note this one has orange legs. With over 700 students coming to the library/media center each week, and no budget, any crafty little projects must be simple, quick, and very low-cost. (Of course it's mostly the kindergarteners and first graders who get to do things like this.) When I went to buy the 250 chenille sticks needed, there was a limited selection in the 'giant, economy size' packages - green, white, or assorted. I knew better than to get 'assorted' because everyone would want a different color than the one they received and they don't have that much time.

Of course, the stories, library skills, and book selection/check-out are the main events of a library/media class.  This was a "just-for-fun" project for K & 1 to work on the last few minutes while taking turns selecting  books to check out.

After all that gluing and realizing Mr. A-J had punched 1000 punches for the legs & hangers, we wondered if perhaps we were the real turkeys! The children all loved their turkeys, though,  and were so happy to have something to take home as a gift for Mom or Grandma.  Seeing how much they enjoyed coloring in the tail feathers made it all worthwhile.  Wish I could've taken photos of some of the children at work!

Might do something similar with gingerbread men during December, but I need to get busy with a few swaps too! Not to mention housecleaning and all that :)


  1. Those are awesome..I love them. That was awful nice of your husband to punch all those holes. :)

  2. Such a fun project for the little ones. Super cute turkeys and every family needs a child created keepsake. Bless you and Mr. A.J.
    Happy Thanksgiving...