Friday, June 15, 2012

Rain Flowers and Sew Many More

Rain Flowers?

No complaints after months of drought, but we have had an unusual amount of rain lately, even for June, the traditional rainy month.  So when I noticed all the mushrooms or toadstools (no idea which!), I decided they must be our Rain Flowers!

Doesn't this one look like a little fairy home? So cute!

Different shades and different shapes 

Even the underside is interesting!

Sadly, no beautiful peonies or roses to show here - just these funny little "Rain Flowers"!  


A wonderful package of flowery goodness arrived a few days ago!

Our terrific swap hostess, Kimberly, always has a creative way of packaging the swaps.  This time she used actual pattern envelopes and pattern directions for packaging the Sew Many Flowers ATCs. What fun to receive this package!

Here's Amy's "Carefree" 
Love this little girl in the very pale blue dress!

Karla's  "Omas Buttons" 
Georgeous buttons - and so much detail. I thought the stick pin was real until I felt it (the jewel is real but the pin's part of the collage)

And Liz's  lacy floral beauty. Can hardly see the dainty fern background, but it's perfect.

Kimberly included this lovely tag for each of us. This was a 3/3 swap, so lots of fun! If you'd like to see my ATCs, take a peek here,  a post or two ago.  Thank you all so much! I love my new ATCs! And thank you, Kimberly, for once again being such a wonderful swap hostess!

It might not be too late to join this month's Mermaid ATC Swap. Check it out here! Can hardly wait to see all the mermaids!


  1. We really need rain. It is amazing we go from too much to too little. That's all okay though when you see all the wildfires out West. It always amazes me when these mushrooms pop out looking so fine.

  2. Your ATC's are wonderful!! Seeing the mushrooms reminded me of book I used to borrow from our local library...don't remember the title but it was a little blue book, with a mushroom on the cover and a little fairy or brownie under the mushroom...wish I could remember the title!

    hugs chris

  3. I adore your little "rain flowers" and yes they are playgrounds for fairies and gnomes. Very fun ATC swap. Since you didn't get one of mine I mailed it to you direct. Sew Many Flowers was a fun theme. I actually played in my studio today and worked on my Mermaid ATCs for the next swap. Happy Father's Day weekend Dear. I sense your Father was very special by his taste in books and magazines. Blessings...

  4. Rain flowers? I'd never heard that before. That's certainly a cute and positive way to look at it! :) This is a 3 year in a row record breaking wet spring for us here in Idaho. It's usually MUCH drier and sunnier.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I love to make new friends! ♥

  5. Hi Jane, Thank you so much for stopping by Creative Breathing. I have so enjoyed looking through your past posts and seeing your lovely paper art. I also enjoyed your second blog and the 52 books in 52 weeks. I so wish I could read that fast! Lots of great recommendations there. Have a lovely weekend ahead! Elizabeth

  6. I think that you will have Faeries on the brain for a while:)

    Loved seeing your swap. I joined Karla's since it's not due until September - gives me a ton of time.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  7. Oh what gorgeous cards! I too adore mushrooms.

    I so appreciate your treasured friendship and lovely support.