Friday, September 21, 2012

Such Beautiful Fairies!

Karla's Faerie Book Swap

Karla Nathan comes up with really wonderful swap ideas - like this one! We sent in 8 fairy pages and received 8 different pages bound into a book.  Karla made the covers, selected the best pages for each book, and decorated the binding ring with lovely ribbons and charms. 

Warning: Lots of Photos Ahead!

Karla's Front Cover - she hand-painted the beautiful little fairy, then decorated the copies differently with flower petals or leaves for the fairy's wings and added other embellishments too. Probably no two covers are exactly alike.

Flower Fairies - Tami Hacker - the arms and legs move so she can dance!

Tami digitally created the back of her page

Suzie Button - blue satin, lace, jewels, butterflies, and more!

The back of Suzie's page - how dreamy!

Beautiful Fairy in a forest of green velvet leaves - Ruth Flowers

A younger fairy on the back of Ruth's page - and dream by Nancy Collins

The back of Nancy's page - and Kathy Kathy Cabble's Blue Flower Fairy - the dewdrops don't show in my photo

The Blue Flower Fairy's back page - and Lynn Legge's Sleeping Fairy - so elegant

The back of Lynne's Sleeping Fairy. I think this might've been the front of the page - so beautiful - but the other side looked better with the Blue Fairy page.  Karla selected pages that looked good together for each book.  Here the Fairy Whispers page by Myrna Ernst looks good with Lynne's page. Of course, they're both beautiful on their own too!
The back of Fairy Whispers - and this sweet Pink Fairy leaning over to smell the flower by Carol Pohl.  She makes me think of a Hummel girl!

The back of Carol's Pink Fairy page - the really dramatic background doesn't show so well in my photo! Karla used vintage wallpaper for the inside front and back covers, as well as the back cover.

I'm so happy that I was able to join this swap! Love my book!!! When I made my pages to send to Karla, I made an extra to keep for my own book.  I'll show it along with the others I made in my next post - soon, I hope!


  1. Jane, what a lovely book!!! Over and over again, I am amazed at bloggers creativity!! I bet you could look at the book any given day, and see something different!

    Hugs chris

  2. Jane! I received one of your beautiful pages - thank you so much!!!
    I was so excited to receive my book and to "know" some of the artists.
    Looking forward to our White Christmas Tag Swap again this year. :)

  3. Just love the book page trade idea! Hmmm maybe I need to think something like that up to do in the future. Now the question remains, um, would you like Pixie dust with that??

  4. What a great swap. Love all those fairy pages! Excellent!!
    hugs Lynn

  5. Hi Jane

    I loved seeing the pages to you rec'd too. I have to snap some photos of my book. I loved all the love and creativity that went into each and every page!

    Can't wait to see yours!

    Thanks so much for all of your comments and friendship!

    Enjoy the weekend my sweet friend!


  6. Jane Dear your Faerie Book is just delightful. Each page front and back so unique. I am sorry to have missed this swap. Your page is extra special and treasured. :o)
    Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  7. Oh how sweet all the pages are! I'm so glad I stopped by. I love to see you blog. Thanks for stopping by, it picked me up. I really need to get back to blogging. I must admit, it's been difficult with the depression but I'm hopeful that I've rounded a corner. Thanks again for your kindness!

  8. Sweet and so girly-girl! Haven't ever made any fairy items but I do love Becky Kelly's illustrations of them!

  9. Oh what a wonderful adventure! The art and creativity is just amazing. Thanks for sharing Jane, I love it!!!
    Once Upon a Fairyland