Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Adam!

Happy 8th Birthday, Adam!

Combo Man

Little Hershey, 3 Musketeers, & Milky Way bars for the arms & legs - as requested by Adam!  A little cash inside!

Combo Man with some dollar bills sticking out

A little book of photos '
"On the day you were born, everyone was happy!"

  Little quiltlet started when Adam was born! About time I finished it - probably won't want to hang it in his room now! Maybe we could make it into a pillow cover? All the fabrics except the solid green & the yellow gingham backing are from leftover scraps of items sewn for his mother when she was a little girl. Can't imagine why it took so long to finish!

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  1. Hey Jane! It's so great to meet someone in Jax. I live in the Arlington/Southside area too. I live off of Atlantic toward the Hart bridge.

    I've been peeking at all your tags. I love tags and yours are great. I can tell I'm going to enjoy having a friend in Jax!

    Have a fun filled day. Hugs...Tracy :)