Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Vivienne!

Today's a special birthday for my friend, Vivienne.  For the 'surprise' party later on, they said, "no gifts, just a card"!   I wanted to take a little something anyway, so here's what I made:

A pretty, glittery card

A Magic Wand - side one

Magic Wand - side two


A crown - or fancy party hat!

I hope she gets a kick out of these and has a wonderful birthday. Good thing she doesn't blog!


  1. What gorgeous gifts! She is sure to feel special.

  2. Well you sure have been a busy bee while I was away on vacation. Love the idea of a tag swap - count me in sista!

    I'm sure that Vivienne loved her "extras!"

    Hope that you are enjoying some down time too!