Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Baking

Christmas Cookies

Baking cookies has been a part of our Christmas celebration for as long as I can remember.  My mother always baked up a storm, so it wouldn't seem like Christmas without some of our special family cookies. Have cut back quite a bit, but still baked several batches.

Lizzies - getting started

First the raisins are soaked for an hour in bourbon! Lizzies are kind of like little baby fruitcakes - not so popular these days as they once were, but still delicious.

The recipe makes a LOT of cookies!

And here they are! Yum - anyone for a cup of tea and a Lizzie?

"Peeps on a Stick" and friends! The big pink peppermint marshmallows are so cute - they make me think of 'sugar plums'!

Mr. and Mrs. Santa - we've had these for many, many years, a gift from sweet mother-in-law
back when our kids were little.

Also baked Gingerbread Men, Swedish Crescents, Molasses Crinkles, Chocolate Drops with Peppermint Kisses on top, a chocolate cake, Mincemeat Pie with apples & pecans, Cranberry-Apple Pie, and dipped lots of pretzels in chocolate. 

January's usually cool or even cold here, so might bake some more. The only problem with that is that I eat too many of them!

Happy Eleventh Day of Christmas!


  1. Oh I love fruitcake cookies = yours look yummy


  2. A cup of tea and a Lizzy sounds perfect. With all that baking I would weigh about 500 pounds! Keeping traditions alive is a good thing. Your menu sounds delicious...Happy baking on a cold winter day. Warm Hugs to you...

  3. Hi Jane

    Popping by to see how your holidays were and it looks like you had a wonderful season. The cookies look great - could you share the Lizzie recipe? I loved seeing you MIL's angels they are soo sweet.

    I'm slowly taking down Christmas. The tree is always up til at least the 6th.

    Happy New Year Sweet Friend!


  4. Oh now you have me wanting to bake...these look lovely...and fun! May have to get baking this that I have had a little break from eating! Happy New Year to you. xooxo

  5. It's always fun to make old family recipes on the holidays. Have a wonderful New Year!