Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Still Enjoying Christmas and New Year's

Happy New Year in Chocolate!

 After lunch with some friends the other day, I found a  mysterious box on my doorstep. Wasn't expecting anything!

Fragile? Berries? Hmmm......

So well-packed! Styrofoam inside the box, foam padding, freezer pack -  no danger of damage in transit. What fun!

Oh, yum! A box of really large chocolate dipped strawberries!
What a sweet gift! How yummy! Almost hate to eat them!

Maybe we should have a Christmas tea party?

I love my little Christmas tea set! Spode's Christmas Tree pattern - spent years collecting enough for our family dinners - and I remember how excited I was when I got the little miniature tea set! No granddaughters, but all of our grandsons have  enjoyed using it for little Christmas tea parties over the years.  

I love this little teapot from one of the dollar stores too, but use it just for decoration.  It's so cute!

It's already the Ninth Day of Christmas! Only a few more days to enjoy the decorations before packing it all away. Everything's so rushed before Christmas that it's nice to have a little time afterwards just to relax and enjoy it all. Years ago we took everything down on New Year's Day, but now I like to leave it up through Epiphany.

Tomorrow(or today!) it's back to school here - so great to be retired!


  1. Love your Spode Tea set - very festive.

    I'm so glad to see someone else who doesn't rush to take thee Christmas decorations down. I always wait till after 12th night.


  2. Taking time to enjoy the holiday is refreshing. Your tea set is beautiful and how fun your grandsons enjoyed tea parties. Seems like Valentines is flying right in our faces already. Can't we slow the world down and enjoy? Hugs...

  3. Jane -it is so lovely --Happy New year sweet friend !! Kathy-ga ♥

  4. What a special gift! So thoughtful.
    Thank you for visiting me the other day...love your sweet blog. xxo