Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love October!

Why do I love October?


Not nearly as showy as in the northern states, but even here in Florida there's a little Fall color and a definite change in the temperature! Loving these cool mornings!!! Fall is in the air!


Cupcake Decorating Contest

We have an October Halloween-Birthday-OctoberFest to celebrate the many October family birthdays. That's always fun!

The invitations were sent

in their own special envelopes!


Aren't blog friends amazing? When I didn't receive one of her tags in Kimberly (ArtJoyStuff)'s recent Halloween Tag Swap, my friend Sherry of Createology sent me one.  Just look at this wonderfully creative wrapping!

And here's Sherry's oh-so-cleverly creative tag! Can you guess what that little item with the spider web on it really is? Go here to find out!

Sherry didn't receive one of my tags either, so I sent her one -

in a special envelope  - propped up here by one of my cats - looks like the party invitations!

 The tag I sent to Sherry - a little different from the others I made for the swap. I usually make several before deciding what to make for a swap.

Of course there are many other reasons for loving October - these are just a few!

Happy October!


  1. I love October too!!! Your tags are great!! Love the colors!


  2. I also love October. Both tags are so cute and creative.


  3. It looks like you all had a great time decorating the birthday cupcakes! :-) CUTE! And your swaps always look like so much fun. One of these days I will have to join a swap.

  4. What cute tags. I didn't do any this year as I'm too busy with my sewing and student these days. Checked out the fairy tags too, my favorites, love and believe in fairies!
    Also the old oak trees falling. If there is one thing you could use there it's underground power!
    Take care Nan

  5. Love the fall things going on at your house. Happy birthday to one and all.


  6. Your birthday cerebration should become a family tradition. I think it is great that you do so.

  7. How fun to combine birthdays, Octoberfest and Halloween all into one big celebration. Thank you very much for the fabulous tag with uber cute pocket you made and sent to me. It is fun to swap creative ideas and talents. Happy Haunting Halloween, Birthdays and Lots of Treats...

  8. The cupcakes are so cute and tempting..and those tags...simply wonderful. Celebrating from my corner of the USA (Washington) to your corner, happy autumn!

  9. Lots of creativity happening here, I can see!

    Thanks so much, Jane, for stopping by and letting me know of our mutual interest in all things Alexander McCall Smith.
    I just finished the 'Limpopo River' one too...and enjoyed it so much.

    Wishing you a happy fall... (we're already into winter up here... it's very pretty out today with a scattering of snow and tiny piles atop tree branches.)

  10. Darling Cupcakes, and about the used Tart molds I think those would work just as well, tattered abit gives them a great look! Hugs, Diane

  11. I really love your tags and the cupcakes are YUMMY looking! :) We actually celebrate my sil bday on Halloween and it is alot of fun!