Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Blogger's not letting me post any photos today, 

so I'll have to figure out what's wrong. 

Boo Hoo! Had a cute photo too.

Back soon, I hope!

p.s. I posted some of today's photos on my other blog:


  1. I am having trouble too! It is telling me I am out of storage space!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Yes, same here! Have to go back and make every photo smaller or else pay for more space :(

  2. I think it must be on overload or something. Everything seems like it isn't working.

  3. Hello Jane! I hope you had a nice Thanks Giving. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you figured-out the issue with blogger.Happy December!

    Sandy xox

    P.S I just read your comments above. All you have do do is delete the old photos from Picasa (where blogger stores your pix). That's what I did, because I refuse to pay!

  4. Oh I feel for you...I went thru this 3 wks and quit blogging. Goint to try today to do a post on the ATC exchange with ArtJoyStuff, as I tried to clean up photos etc. SO I hope it works. I received your ATC with the special little angel surrounded by pearls. I apologize for being so late in responding. I love it and have been enjoying it and the others I received. Thanks so much. The exchanges are always fun.
    May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the new year