Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's still February - and Love is (still) in the Air!

Love is in the Air Tag Swap
Jacqueline Reed, Swap Hostess

My last Valentine swap - just squeaking in here at almost the end of the month! Jackye was a new member of our White Christmas tag swap in December, and kindly offered to host the Valentine swap. Great job, Jackye! 

All the tags are so beautiful - thanks so much to all the swappers! 

Jeanelle, Jackye, Tami

June, Jonnelle, Maija

Jane, Dawn, Jeanne

Lisa, Laurie, Jessica

Chris - back- both sides are so pretty!
 Chris - front

Valentine tags might be the most fun of all! 


  1. The tags really are all lovely!!! It was sucha fun swap. Thanks for showing both sides of my tag!!

    Chris xxoo

  2. Fun and amazing and beautiful tags. What a great swap you had. I think hearts are year round. Heartfelt Hugs Dear...

  3. Hi Jane! Glad you checked..hope you do Linky Follower too! Your Blog is on my side bar Bloglist. Love all those tags!

  4. Too funny - my post earlier this week was almost title the same thing:)

    Loved all these tags!