Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Valentines!

Kimberly's Valentine ATC Swap

Really enjoyed swapping ATCs! Just a "little" slow posting about the swap!  In spite of all my good intentions, I don't seem to keep up very well.

My ATCs 

All five of mine were basically the same, with just a few slight variations.

Look at the beautiful ATCs I received!

Mercedes Scott ( - Butterfly Kisses - such a sweet wrapper!                      

My Cup of Tea (

Debbie Kayner 

Sugar - by Peace Schuyler (

And our wonderful hostess, Kimberly (

Kimberly also sent us a darling domino charm!  

It was such a great swap!  Thanks, girls, for making these beautiful ATCs! Love them!  And, thank you  so much, Kimberly, for hosting another terrific swap!  I'm so happy I was able to participate!

p.s. My photos, which aren't so good to begin with, are not showing up as I thought they would - Sorry! I'd try to fix it but it's time for "Downton Abbey" now!


  1. Each of your ATCs are beautiful. Such a great swap and fabulous ATCs you received. Kimberly always does such an amazing swap and I am sorry I had to miss it. What a fun domino surprise too. Happy Creating Dear...

  2. Hi Jane,
    This was a fun swap!
    As always, was so happy you joined in.
    hugs & JOY,

  3. Hmmm.. I thought that I left a comment here yesterday? Anyhoo... I love all the creativity in swaps - hey that's where we met. You tags are soo sweet. If you see any more swaps let me know.


  4. Oh, Jane your tags are lovely! All of tags and the charm are just terrific!!

    Hugs to you


  5. So pretty...I miss all the hearts and pinks around the beginning of February. Your tags are lovely. Happy new week to you.