Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping Backwards A Bit. Part One

Is it OK to Make a Backwards Leap on Februay 29 - Leap Day?!

How about all the way back to Christmastime? I can hardly believe that I didn't get my Christmas swaps posted back in December, or at least in January! And now, it's just barely still February! Worst of all, it must be in the 80s today, although it was down in the 40s just a day or two ago. 

Despite the weather, I'm thinking snow while looking (again) at these beautiful Christmas swaps ........

Cindy's House Ornament Swap

Cindy, of Rickrack and Gingham, always has such creative ideas for her swaps! Wouldn't want to miss one of them, and I really, really loved this one.  So much fun to make the little houses - and then to see  what kind the others made! Of course, hanging them up to decorate was the best part!

Sweet Bee of  Sweet Bee's Cottage made a wonderful beehive! 

A sweet cottage from Becky of Sweet Cottage Dreams

Renee's cute house and tag - My Vintage Mending

Paula's Palace of AltAred Art - Paula's house on wheels

 Cindy, our swap hostess, sewed these cute houses 
of gingham, with rickrack trim, of course!

Cozy Blanket (Debby)'s cozy cottage

And here's mine! I didn't want to make a log cabin, 
so made a candy cottage instead.

The backs of all of these are just as cute as the fronts, I believe.  It was so much fun, both to make the houses and to receive all these darling house ornaments from these lovely swappers.  Thank you so much, Cindy, for hosting this wonderful swap!


  1. This swap was fun wasn't it. I miss the "Christmas" memo, hah. Love them all.

  2. How fun to see everyones creative tags. So much inspiration...