Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bird Song Tag Book

Karla's Cottage
Bird Song Tag Book Swap

What's this - all wrapped up in a bird page?

My Bird Song Tag Book!

Just look at all these beauties!

Here's Karla's Tag Book cover - see the bird feather and the  tiny birdcage charm,  complete with  a blue bird!

Erica's "Warbler of Marshes"

Sheila's "Vintage Chick"

Sibrina's colorful birdies

Jill's nest of pearls

Beth's vintage wallpaper with bird

Kim's "Flee as a Bird"

Maggie's "Bird Song" with 2 cute little tags in the pocket

I was thrilled with all the tags I received! It's always so much fun to see how others interpret the swap theme, and I like to see what techniques are used.  Karla hosts wonderful swaps from time to time, so keep an eye on her blog if you like tag swaps.  I've taken part in several: Puppy Love, Alice, and Dorothy. Karla is very welcoming to beginners and all levels.  She must've had almost 150 in this Birdsong swap!  Can you believe it? It was a fun swap, and I've enjoyed looking at my tag swappers' blogs too! Go see for yourself - some very creative bloggers!

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  1. There were over 150 signed up, but not everyone sent in their tags. Some are still coming, though!