Sunday, July 24, 2011

Teeny-Tiny Baby Steps

Fun with Photos - and Microsoft Paint!

Yesterday I found Mary Green's post about making her own vintage patterned papers so interesting.  She mentioned that she'd used Microsoft Paint for a couple of the samples pictured, and said it was pretty easy. Hmmm, well I haven't even opened my PhotoShop Elements yet, so thought I'd give this a try! 

Isn't this a silly piece? Believe it or not, it started as part of a photo of a sunflower cake one of my daughters had baked! It was fun to play around with changing the colors, the eye dropper, spritzer, etc.

This was a small piece of one of my azalea bush photos cut out and pasted in rows all over the workspace.  I didn't get the size right since part of one row has been cut off, but I did learn how to do this.  Next time I can do better.

Here's the same piece with the brightness & contrast changed in
Office Picture Manager.  So now it does look almost like a soft wallpaper design.  Lots of possibilities here! I just used a couple of my photos this time.  Next time I'll try a smaller picture, and I'll see about changing from color to black and white.

Getting ready to storm - better go! Back Soon!

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  1. What fun! Great ideas and beautiful results!